Learn to Surf Intermediate level manual provides you information to assist you to perform a range of maneuvers with speed and power, assess surfing conditions, and board knowledge.

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Learn: The 4 easy steps to duck-diving under waves * use the surf conditions and rips to get you past breaking waves * identify the best take-off point to easily catch waves * identify ideal surf conditions for the intermediate surfer * perform intermediate level manoeuvres – top turn, bottom turn, re-entry, cut-back * which manoeuvre to perform based on wave form * how to be on the inside section * link manoeuvres with skill and ease * predict ideal surf conditions based on swell direction, tides and coast shape * what a left and right wave is * read the tides and waves * the difference between a point break and a reef break * why feathering waves are good * what it means when a wave is walling up * how to abort take-off’s safely * using surf safety around other surfers/swimmers * identify how board types & styles can improve your surfing * choose a loose or tight board * choose a fiberglass surfboard for your body type, style and ability * surf clothing and accessories used at the intermediate level Full colour. 128 pages

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