The Kook’s Guide To Surfing 2nd Ed


The Kook’s Guide To Surfing 2nd Ed

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Anyone can surf. Learning to surf can be the most enjoyable and memorable experience of your life. The Kook’s Guide to Surfing demystifies walking on water and illustrates the steps toward a simple and safe, yet electrifying, experience. From your first wave to your last, The Kook’s Guide shows the way.

Move over, dude! The Kook’s Guide to Surfing shows what it means to be a real surfer. This clever, often hilarious guide shares with kooks (those guys on surfboards who just don’t get it yet) the truths and know-how of a lifelong wave-lover. The secret: surfing responsibly and sharing the waves. You don’t have to be “too cool for school” to be cool in the water.

But surfing like a pro isn’t just about courtesy, and neither is The Kook’s Guide to Surfing. The ultimate guide to great surfing, it’s got tips on choosing the right board for the right wave, stances and paddling, avoiding injuries and staying safe, and—once all that has been mastered—how and where to show off your skills in the big competitions. Other topics include:

  • First lessons and helpful tips
  • Physical fitness
  • Types of waves
  • Surf etiquette
  • Buying surfboards
  • An index of the best surf locations

Filled with witty illustrations, a glossary of surfing terminology, and fun “Hey, Kook!” trivia, The Kook’s Guide to Surfing will turn even the greenest beginners into knockout surfing pros.

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