The Code: The Power Of ‘I Will’


The Code The Power Of ‘I Will’

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How to convert the power of “I Will” into a life-changing mantra The twelve stories in this book, taken from Shaun Tomson’s own life experiences in and out of the surfing world, offer the simple message–I Will–as a model to face life’s challenges and help you achieve your goals. All you need is to be encouraged to find your voice and commit yourself to positive values. The stories resonate with positivity and hope for the future, and are infused with the belief that even in the darkest time, light shines ahead to show you the way forward.

About the Author

Shaun Tomson (born Shaun Tomson; 21 August 1955) is a South African professional surfer and former world champion, environmentalist, actor, author and businessman.



“Shaun’s candidly unique insights into his ride provide hope and promise to new generations in following their dreams on their own personal wave.”

–Diana Starr Diana Starr Langley, Chair, Board of Directors”United Boys and Girls Clubs of Santa Barbara County” (04/23/2013)

“Live The Code.”

–Shaun White, Snowboard Olympic Gold Medalist (04/23/2013)

“Shaun Tomson has written an important and engaging book filled with wisdom and practical advice about personal growth and overcoming the inevitable challenges adolescents and young adults everywhere face. All adolescents, all parents, and better still all adolescents and their parents together would do well to read and ponder the inspiration and lessons contained in these pages.”

— (04/23/2013)
“Shaun’s latest book will help youth all over the world understand how important it is to be yourself, make decisions that will lead you to success, and that life’s obstacle can be overcome with commitment, perseverance, friendship and mentors. We will certainly use this book in our daily programming at the club.” — (04/23/2013)
“Often, the story of a champion in sport is characterized by determination, focus, commitment and dedication and that is indeed true with Shaun. However, Shaun’s insights are much more powerful and inspiring because they transcend competition and apply to all of our lives. Through the power of ‘I will’ comes the call to live a connected, purposeful and principled life.” — (04/23/2013)
“The Code is a guide for self-empowering decision making and provides the tools to effect positive change. It draws on Shaun’s life experiences as both a world champion surfer and a father, giving insight and inspiration to young minds.” — (04/23/2013)
“The world today is very much like a wave: it’s shifting and changing virtually every second. Like surfers, we are defined by the decisions we make in this dynamic environment. Shaun draws on a life of learning, both on waves and off, and offers some sage advice for drawing the best line through life. I love this book.” — (04/23/2013)
“Shaun Tomson will always be a surfing legend, but if history is just he’ll be equally revered for his work out of the water. The Code cements his status as one of surfing’s great thinkers and its lessons carry weight and value for everyone.” — (04/23/2013)
“Although The Code sells itself as a self-help book for teens, it is a much richer mix than that. It’s part memoir, part surf rap, part homage. Above all, it’s a gut-punching journey of emotional resurrection. Shaun Tomson confronts the darkest kind of tragedy-the death of his own son-with grace, intelligence, and a historic kind of hopefulness. The lessons herein penetrate in unexpected ways.” — (04/23/2013)
“Shaun Tomson is a surfing hero, and he continues to inspire with words of wisdom and empowerment for future generations. He speaks from experience and has great advice about overcoming adversity and making good choices in your formative years.” — (04/23/2013)

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